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Aren’t Lithium Batteries Dangerous?
In short, NO! For 2 main reasons.

Number 1 is the type of lithium chemistry used in MEGA-LiFe Batteries is lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4). This is the safest of the lithium-based battery chemistries and NOT THE SAME as the battery in your cell phone or RC car (Lithium polymer or LiPO).

Number 2 is the construction of the casing including the internal electronics that control the cells. MEGA-LiFe LiFePO4 cells are housed in a proprietary case that is IPX8 rated and drop tested to 10m. The internal BMS controls the potential issues seen with cells over-voltage, under-voltage, short circuit and high temperature.

Remember, if you pour petrol on a fire it’s dangerous but if you put it inside a correctly designed fuel tank in your car it’s safe. Lithium batteries are the same. With abuse and misuse, like thousands of other products, they can be dangerous.
What Module Fits My Car/Bike/Boat/Caravan?

We have over 50 different case sizes to suit most cars, bikes, boats, jetskis, 4x4 and other applications. The best option is to search for you car make and model here. You can also take measurements of your battery and scan through a full list of our products here. If you still can find what you’re after just drop us an email and we will find it for you!
Does MEGA-LiFe Battery Australia provide a Warranty?
We provide a 3 year, full replacement warranty on standard batteries and 2 year, full replacement on Motorsport batteries.

Our Warranty Document
Are MEGA-LiFe ‘deep cycle’ or ‘start’ batteries?
Lithium chemistry gives you both!

LiFePO4 tech give more than 2x the CCA for the volume. This means they are an excellent ‘start’ battery for a large or high compression engine. It also means, if space is tight, you can install a smaller battery for the same start power.

Although the Ah numbers do not appear to be the same as a lead-acid (AGM/Gel/sealed), lithium chemistry allows for 100% depth of discharge, not the regular 50-70% you see in ‘deep cycle’ batteries. For example, a 100Ah lead battery has a usable capacity of 50-70Ah where as a 70Ah lithium battery has the same usable energy/Ah due to discharge capability!

Check out all the specs for our range here. Also check out the blog for more in-depth information on some of the technical differences of MEGA-LiFe lithium including the ‘myth of the Ah’, battery life, cold cranking amps and more!
Does MEGA-LiFe Battery Australia have a return policy?
Does MEGA-LiFe Battery Australia have a shipping policy?
Our products are shipping according to UN3481 DG codes meaning they are most likely road freight. We understand this can take a bit longer and we hope that we are offering FREE SHIPPING on all our products helps ease this pain. You will also be provided tracking details by email and SMS after checkout.

For additional information please click through to our Shipping Policy
Can I Use Lithium Batteries in Marine Applications?
How Do I Operate The Reserve Cell Work?
• The button operated reserve cell can be used at any SOC for additional CCA or when main battery power has been isolated via IBMS.

• To operate, press the button so the ring light becomes illuminated.

• Operate the starter on the vehicle.

• Once the vehicle is started, press the button again ensuring that the ring light is no longer illuminated.

• Do not charge the battery via a charger or vehicle power supply (alternator, rectified magneto, etc) or attempt to jump start the vehicle with the reserve cell light illuminated.

• If the main battery was below 13v SOC, allow the vehicle to charge the battery to 13v or above before switching vehicle off.