Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely not! We stand out as a secure lithium product for three compelling reasons.

Firstly, MEGALiFe employs lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry in its batteries, recognized as the safest among lithium-based options. It's crucial to note that this is distinct from the lithium polymer (LiPO) batteries commonly found in cell phones or RC cars, with a significantly higher thermal runaway threshold of approximately 275ºC.

Secondly, the robust safety features extend to the construction of the casing and internal packaging. MEGALiFe adopts a proprietary case with an impressive IP67 rating and a drop test resilience of up to 10m. Achieved through a combination of a rigid ABS case and an expanding foam product, this design ensures comprehensive support for LiFePO4 cells, wiring, and internal electronics. The entire battery is securely bonded for an airtight seal.

Thirdly, the internal Battery Management System (BMS) plays a pivotal role in mitigating potential issues related to cells, including over-voltage, under-voltage, short circuits, and high temperatures. Our cutting-edge MOSFET-controlled board not only prioritizes safety but also provides comprehensive monitoring and measurements to guarantee optimal battery life.

An apt analogy is that while pouring petrol on a fire can be dangerous, placing it inside a properly designed fuel tank in your car ensures safety. Similarly, lithium batteries, when subject to abuse and misuse, may pose risks. However, rest assured that we've taken extensive measures to minimise any potential hazards, making such concerns highly unlikely.

We have over 40 different case sizes to suit most cars, bikes, boats, jet skis, 4x4 and other applications. Our batteries are direct replacement style in the industry standard 'group' sizing's.

The best option is to search for you car make and model. You can also take measurements of your battery and scan through a full list of our products here. If you still can find what you’re after just drop us an email, message us on social media or give us a call and we will find it for you!

YES! We provide a 2 year, full replacement warranty on standard batteries and 2 year, full replacement on Motorsport batteries.

Due to our innovative case designs and assembly techniques, we are one of the few lithium products on the market to offer an under-bonnet warranty to 80ºC. Our batteries have external indication stickers that show whether the temperature of the battery has exceeded this limit.

Don't temps under-bonnet get higher than 80ºC you say?!

Some areas under the bonnet of some vehicles will reach more that 80ºC that is very true (next to an exhaust, an area without airflow like near a firewall etc) but most factory battery locations are in areas with good airflow (e.g. behind a headlight) and away from more severe heat sources (next to a turbo etc). One of our test units continues to run in a 79 Cruiser in western Queensland with maximum temperature of 75ºC seen at the battery. Full warranty information can be found here Our Warranty Document

Lithium chemistry gives you both!

As a starting battery, LiFePO4 chemistry gives more than 2x the CCA for the physical size and most lead acid/AGM. This means they are an excellent ‘start’ battery for a large or high compression engine. It also means, if space is tight, you can install a smaller battery for the same start power. In the case where dual batteries were used in parallel as starters (LandCruiser 79/200, Prado, early Navara, etc) a single MEGALiFe can be used for the start enabling the other space to be left for other accessories or an Aux battery.

Although the Ah numbers do not appear to be the 'same' as a lead-acid (AGM/Gel/sealed), lithium chemistry allows for 100% depth of discharge, not the regular 50-70% you see in ‘deep cycle’ lead/AGM batteries. For example, a 100Ah lead battery may have a usable capacity of 50Ah based on the manufacturer 50% DOD recommendations where as a 50Ah lithium battery has the same usable energy/Ah due to discharge capability!

Check out all the specs for our range here. Also check out the blog for more in-depth information on some of the technical differences of MEGALiFe lithium including the ‘myth of the Ah’, battery life, cold cranking amps and more!